Hope: The Anchor that Moves Us Forward Teacher Guide



HOPE:  The Anchor That Moves Us Forward

Spiral bound, Teacher Guide

By Howard & Bonnie Lisech

The Study of 1 Peter

“With the sensitive heart of a shepherd caring for his flock, Peter speaks of hope.  Moved deeply with compassion and love, Peter offered encouragement, challenge, and practical counsel to a suffering church.  He teaches believers how they can grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ regardless of external circumstances.”    Howard & Bonnie Lisech

This Teacher’s guide will give you everything that you need to easily lead a small group Bible study.  All the work and research is done and is listed in a column right next to the inductive questions that students will be answering in the Student workbook.

This study is also excellent for those that are looking for a serious individual Bible study or possibly for mature high school level home school students.  Order and use the student workbook and answering the focused questions on your own will  build your faith for the times that Christians are facing in a culture that seems to be in a downward spiral.  

Want to see the Old School House Magazine review?  Click on this link or if it doesn’t work you can copy and paste it in your bowser to see the original review.


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