Returning Home (Book 3) Reentry devotional Bible studies



Returning Home–Reentry (Book 3)

by Howard & Bonnie Lisech

Returning Home is our newest Reentry devotional for those returning from short-term or long-term ministry overseas. 

It was written especially for those who have ALREADY completed Coming Home or Coming Home Again but the material is also stand-alone.

Everyone EXPECTS culture-shock when traveling overseas to a different location or culture.  HOWEVER, very few expect the unsettling emotions and feelings that are encountered when returning to their home culture.  Reentry stress is real, and Returning Home will help returnees understand and readjust.  Reentry stress needs effective tools to minimize its effects.  

Lisa Espineli Chinn, a noted reentry specialist, says resources like COMING HOME, COMING HOME AGAIN, and RETURNING HOME are “must have” devotional guides for anyone coming home from short-term or long-term mission service as they encounter the issues of reentry stress.

RETURNING HOME (book 3) is especially helpful for those who have completed on-field studies like Walk as He Walked, Abide in The Vine, Ripe for Harvest or Live In The Light  while on mission trips or assignments.  It’s also effective for anyone returning to their home culture.

Most people return to their home culture without realizing that they, themselves, have changed  during their cross-cultural experience.

The devotional Bible studies and focused reentry questions in this new volume will help smooth the transition back to the home culture.

14 day edition