(Home School) Discovering Who I Am In Christ Teacher’s Guide (Book 2, best for 8th Grade)



Discovering Who I Am In Christ Teacher’s Guide

(Home School Book 2)

INDUCTIVE Bible study

Bible curriculum (Recommended for 8th grade)  Can also be used for 7th, or 9th Grade

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Discovering Who I Am In Christ (Book 2) is the second in the Deeper Roots DISCOVERING….series. If you have finished Discovering Our Amazing God, this is a logical but exciting addition that will help 7th, 8th, or 9th grade believers understand their personal identity in Christ. This life changing principle is the main focus of these studies. It, too, has artwork, line drawings, and suggested activities intermingled with inductive Bible study to challenge and help students DIG into Gods word for themselves.

Each lesson also introduces an unreached people group to broaden students understanding of the world beyond our borders. This profile with artwork, regional maps, and cultural specifics focuses on larger blocks of unreached people and gives each student an introduction to the spiritual needs of our world and a challenge to pray for them.


Here is part of a review by Holly Cameron of The Old School House Magazine:

“The purpose of Discovering Who I Am In Christ is to again go beyond the facts of the Bible stories to the wonderful knowledge of the students’ spiritual identity. Who we are in Christ; chapters include: Sinner or Saint? A New Creation; Adopted; Citizen of Heaven; A Sheep in His pasture, and many more. The format is the same as the first volume, with questions and hands on activities, and lots of challenging writing activities.

These questions make you think! They aren’t the kind of questions that you will know the answer to without even thinking about it, they are thought provoking and challenging. I am very impressed with this Bible curriculum, and I believe there is a needed place for it in the lives of our children who have grown up hearing and knowing, but maybe not really realizing that THEY are Christ’s children too; this study will help the junior high student realize that he/she is important to Jesus, and that he/she matters in Christ’s eyes. Together, the two studies will comprise a very thorough, challenging Bible curriculum that will be a wonderful addition to any home!

This study is very in depth: there are questions to answer, memory challenges, reviews, and tests. There is also a very clear missionary emphasis, as there is a people group studied along with each lesson. The artwork is wonderful!! There are detailed sketches of people from the different people groups, as well as delightful cartoons throughout the books. There are writing opportunities and journaling opportunities.

There is a teacher’s guide and a student workbook available, and in my opinion, the teacher’s guide is necessary. It helps you follow along with your student, and there are lots of different helps and suggestions throughout.”


Jan L. Harris, Howard & Bonnie Lisech, Deeper Roots Publications

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You will also need the Discovering Who I Am In Christ Student Workbook SOLD SEPARATELY.  The student workbook has space to answer questions adequately and includes the review questions. 

If you have small children, you may want to consider the DISCOVERING WHO I AM IN CHRIST-SUGGESTIONS FOR SMALLER CHILDREN (40 pages of projects, coloring pages, tips, and suggestions for including your PRE-SCHOOLERS during your Home School 7th, 8th, or 9th Grade Bible study)

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