Abide In The Vine 3 part COMBO Book #2: (pre-field, on-field, and reentry)


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Abide In The Vine – 3 part COMBO Book #2

7 day Pre-Field Preparation, 14 day Abide in the Vine (Book 2) and 14 day Coming Home Again (Book 2)

Howard & Bonnie Lisech

Many have been waiting for the convenience of having a single volume that covers all three phases of each STM trip. This ABIDE combo book includes 3 books bound into a single volume to cover the PRE-FIELD training, the ON-FIELD portion, and the REENTRY portion of each trip.

This volume contains 7 days of Pre-Field Preparation, 14 day Abide in the Vine (Book 2) dealing with Culture-Shock and Coming Home Again (Book 2) dealing with Reentry Stress issues.  The devotional Bible study journals are an excellent investment in the overall success of your missions trip. 

This book is a great choice if your team members have already used any of the Walk as He Walked (Book 1) and/or Coming Home (Book 1) studies.  In fact, many churches and organizations can cycle through brand new studies each year for 3 years.  

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