Rooted and Grounded Bible Curriculum Teacher's Guide for (10th, or 11th, or 12th Grade)


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Rooted and Grounded Teacher Guide

ROOTED AND GROUNDED  Teacher’s Guide  (Revised Feb 2015-Available Apr 1st)

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INDUCTIVE Bible curriculum

Recommended for 11th, or 12th Grade  (may also be used for 10th)

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The ROOTED AND GROUNDED (A Guide for Spiritual Growth) TEACHER’S GUIDE is a Bible based study curriculum appropriate for upper level high school students in home school, Christian school, college, and adult discipleship.

The Teacher’s Guide includes student lessons, with Teacher’s notes, suggested answers, application helps, visual demonstrations, and review/quiz answer keys. The Teacher’s guide was designed by teachers for busy teachers. Verses used in each lesson are printed in KJV and NIV (in the back of the book) for a teacher friendly format that will save you time.

Encouragement for Christian living is presented in a easy-to-use format.

Beautiful sketches of unreached peoples of our world by Julie Bosacker with geographical, cultural, and prayer information are included in the Teacher’s guide and the student workbook. Students are introduced to world missions and prayer opportunities as they move from biblical knowledge to spiritual application in these topical studies.

Concepts like Walk as Jesus Walked, A Pure and Holy Life, Servanthood, Unrealistic Expectations, The Principles of Relationship and Fellowship, and Submission and Obedience to Authority, are some of the lesson titles. See pdf sample portion for a complete list lesson titles

There is a memory challenge with each lesson and a memory challenge review schedule included in the student workbook and Teacher’s guide. Lessons include writing assignments when appropriate. Reviews at the end of each lesson can be used as quizzes if preferred. Enjoyable artwork illustrates each lesson.

ISBN  978-1-930547-47-6

Howard & Bonnie Lisech, Jan L. Harris, Deeper Roots Publications

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You will also need the ROOTED AND GROUNDED Student Workbook & the Unit Tests and Answer Key Booklet SOLD SEPARATELY.  The Student workbook has space to answer questions adequately, and the Test & Answer Key cover principles and concepts taught and studied in the lessons, and they are essential for evaluating the student’s grasp of application of the principles and concepts.

Look for all 3 pcs in the Rooted & Grounded BUNDLE! 



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