Discovering Our Amazing God Teacher’s Guide Book 1 

(Christian School Edition)  7th Grade

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Authors Note: “People sometimes question whether their students would need this study of GOD. We have found that many students in this age group have great confidence in and love for Christ, but some may have subtle reservations and misunderstandings about God due to hearing old testament stories of his judgement. (Actually his judgement flowed from his love when He was trying to bring a rebellous and sinful people back into relationship and fellowship with Himself. In this study we show how God and Christ have EXACTLY the same attributes in their character and LOVE for us as people. This study helps students strengthen and repair their spiritual foundations which is essential before they try to build their understanding of who they are in Christ.” This exciting new 7th grade Bible Curriculum deliberately focuses on some of the less familiar stories and events in the Bible to give students a new appreciation of our loving God. Drawings, and suggested activities intermingled with inductive Bible study will interest students. The Teacher’s Guide is essential to help parents present fresh new ideas, and the Student Workbook includes reflection or journal pages to help students organize and record their new appreciation of our amazing creator and our God. Each lesson begins with beautiful artwork, a people group description, and maps to introduce people groups in our world that will broaden teacher’s and student’s understanding of the needs of peoples who don’t know about Christ. Here is part of a review by Lena Wall, Mt. Salem Christian School  Discovering Our Amazing God  “This is our third year using Discovering Our Amazing God in our school. We enjoy this curriculum because it is creatively put together and brings out creativity in the students. Students don’t just repeat facts or give “pat” answers but are required to think as they express themselves through poetry, drawing, hymnwriting and journaling. Students regularly mention at their Grade Eight graduation that the Bible course was a highlight of their school year and that blesses my heart! They are definitely “discovering their amazing God” with this curriculum. Keep up the good work!” ISBN.  978-1-930547-34-6   (1-930547-34-X) Jan L. Harris, Howard & Bonnie Lisech, Deeper Roots Publications

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 Discovering our Amazing God:         Usually 7th Grade Semester 1*

Discovering Who I Am In Christ:     Usually 7th Grade Semester 2*

Discovering Christ-Like Habits:      Usually 8th Grade Semester 3*

Discovering Christ-Like Character:  Usually 8th Grade Semester 4*

* Some schools expand each title to cover a FULL year of Bible teaching.

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