(Christian School) Discovering Christlike Habits Student Workbook (Book 3) (8th, or 9th grade)



Discovering Christlike Habits  STUDENT WORKBOOK (Book 3) (8th, or 9th grade)


The third book in our DISCOVERING series, Discovering Christlike Habits, is designed to change your students life patterns. It provides not only a deeper understanding of Christian habits, but also daily practice in such disciplines as prayer, worship, Bible study, etc. The lessons combine Bible studies with plenty of hands-on activities, writing stories, interviewing family members, planning and acting out Bible dramas, and taking a field trip, for example. Your students will gain practical, godly habits while deepening their relationship with Jesus. At the beginning of each lesson we introduce beautiful artwork and an unreached people group profile to broaden each students’ understanding of our world.

The Student Workbook includes reflection or journal pages to help students organize and record their new appreciation of our amazing creator and our God.

Each lesson begins with beautiful artwork, a people group description, and maps to introduce people groups in our world that will broaden teacher’s and student’s understanding of the needs of peoples who don’t know about Christ.

 ISBN: 978-1-930547-60-5, 1-930547-60-9

Jan L. Harris, Howard & Bonnie Lisech, Deeper Roots Publications

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