A Glimpse of God’s MajestyExperiencing His Character

(Teacher’s Guide)

By Howard & Bonnie Lisech Deeper Roots Publications

This brand NEW Teacher’s Guide for high school or adults contains studies revealing the wonderful principles of knowing God with more intimacy and personal depth through God’s Word. The foundational truths revealed in this study will help you guide your student to a greater understanding of the nature and character of God, as well as help develop a deeper heart-felt relationship with Him. As we dig deeply into God’s character and plan for the ages, we see that Christ’s sacrifice for our sin was a planned act of God’s greatest mercy and was necessary for us to be able to come before the Him. A Glimpse of God’s Majesty clearly explains and reveals what is needed to be “on target” to know God and Christ in a deeper, more powerful way.

186 page, Spiral bound Paperback: 131GlimpseTch Teacher $18.95,

L. Spencer
I wasn’t sure I would ever see A Glimpse of God’s Majesty completed. I am so grateful that it has become a reality. It is a precious gift and I thank you for it. It changed my misguided thoughts about God and replaced them with Bible truth. I’m also thankful for the generations to follow that will be taught who God really is and how we can know Him personally and intimately through this study. I’m sure it will change their life as it did mine.

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