Before you Go – Preparation For Short-Term Mission


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Before you Go – Preparation For Short-Term Mission

 (Revised 2009)

by Howard Erickson

This COMPLETELY revised (2009) resource is written by a person that has been involved in about 30 Short-term missions overseas trips. It is primarily for those who will be organizing or leading the trip however everyone will gain from reading this book.  This manual has great tips on making travel arrangements, communicating with host missionaries, and packing for the trip.

This 120 page manual summarizes experience gained by years of travel on short term-missions teams, and professional photography.  


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Laying The Foundation

Chapter 3 The Biblical Basis For Missions

Chapter 4 Who Is a Missionary?

Chapter 5 Why, Where & What

Chapter 6 Before & After

Chapter 7 Expectations & Potential Lessons

Chapter 8 Travel Planning & Preparation

Chapter 9 Practical Suggestions for Raising Support

Chapter 10 Trip Tips & General Conduct

Chapter 11 Travel Safety

Chapter 12 Avoiding Jet Lag

Chapter 13 Ready, Set, Go

Chapter 14 Airports, Security & Customs

Chapter 15 Remembering What Happened

Chapter 16 Presenting Your Trip Visually

Chapter 17 Keeping The Memories Fresh

Chapter 18 Staying In Touch

Chapter 19 The Ministry of Prayer

Chapter 20 The Beginning & The End

Appendix 1 Standards of Excellence in Short-Term

Appendix 2 Ten ways to ruin short-term mission

Appendix 3 Missions Trip Policy Agreement

Appendix 4 How To Pray For Missionaries

Appendix 5 Top 10 Video Shooting Tips

It contains very practical information to help prepare for and conduct a successful short term trip. It also includes a great section on how to communicate the value of the trip to friends and supporters through media.


The burden developed on that trip did not lead me into service for the Lord overseas. Rather, it

impressed upon me the fact that I had little clear knowledge and understanding of what missions

really meant — the how, what and why of being a missionary. I realized that others in the States

were in the same situation. What could I do to help elevate the awareness of Christians who needed

to become more involved?

Before You Go is designed to save time and effort for beginners and pros alike.

Published by Deeper Roots Publications

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