Quiet Time for Busy People (Book 3) #123Quiet3



Quiet Time for Busy People (Book 3)   under development  

If you have completed Quiet Time for Busy People (Book 1 and or Book 2)  you will want to get Book 3 as follow-up study containing 30 more brief, but life-changing, devotional Bible studies that are short but far from shallow.

Designed especially for those who want to maintain a quality daily quiet time with the Lord, but are pressed by time constraints. Verses are included to make it quick, convenient, and easy to complete each study and answer the inductive questions. A journal page for each of the 30 studies is included to help you capture valuable insights. Adapted from Helping Hands–Healing Hearts.

Many people desire to have a quiet time in their lives but find themselves stretched by a busy lifestyle.  From professionals to students to homemakers it’s just so difficult to find time to be alone with God.  For convenience and to save time these short but powerful studies include the written scripture so you can use them when ever you have a few spare moments, at break, lunchtime, before breakfast, after school, or anytime.  They will be great for group studies and fellowship groups.  They can be used to stimulate deep Biblical discussions in small groups.

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