Helping Hands-Healing Hearts 3 part COMBO (book 1)



Helping HandsHealing Hearts Book 1 

(For Medical Teams)

Howard & Bonnie Lisech

These devotional Bible study/journals are especially written with medical health teams in mind.  Each book includes 8 Pre-Field14 On-Field, and 8 Reentry devotional studies covering all 3 essential phases of each trip bound in a single volume with scripture text included.  

The devotionals are shortened to fit the restrictive time frames so common to medical ministry on the field.   

They were originally developed for an organization that sends over a thousand medical personnel overseas annually. 



Pre-Field: Before You Go

Day 1 Be Prepared to have Confidence in God Alone 9 The

Day 2 Be Prepared to have Confidence in God Alone Cont.

Day 3 Prepare for The Spiritual Tug-Of-War

Day 4 Prepare for The Spiritual Tug-Of-War, Cont.

Day 5 Prepare Your Heart

Day 6 Prepare Your Heart, Cont.

Day 7 Prepare by “Soaking” in God’s Word

Day 8 Prepare by “Soaking” in God’s Word, Cont.

On-Field: Open Your Heart & Fellowship Of The Unashamed

Day 9 Live for Christ

Day 10 Live for Christ, Cont.

Day 11 Set Aside Your Rights For the Sake of The Gospel

Day 12 Set Aside Your Rights For the Sake of The Gospel, Cont.

Day 13 Serve When It’s Not Convenient

Day 14 Serve When It’s Not Convenient, Cont.

Day 15 Hold Out The Word of Life

Day 16 Hold Out The Word of Life, Cont.

Day 17 Live as Children of Light

Day 18 Live as Children of Light, Cont.

Day 19 Effective and Productive Service

Day 20 Effective and Productive Service,Cont.

Day 21 God–Our Refuge and Strength

Day 22 God–Our Refuge and Strength, Cont.

Post-Field: Reentry & Believe It Or Not You Have Changed

Day 23 In God’s Hands

Day 24 In God’s Hands, Cont.

Day 25 The Way to Contentment

Day 26 The Way to Contentment, Cont.

Day 27 Joy–The Mark Of A Believer D

Day 28 Joy–The Mark Of A Believer, Cont.ay 28 33 God—OurR efuge

Day 29 God’s Wingsay

Day 30 God’s Wings, Cont. 28