(Home School) Discovering Christlike Habits Teacher’s Guide (Book 3, best for 9th Grade)



Discovering Christlike Habits Teacher’s Guide 

Home School (Book 3)

INDUCTIVE Bible study

 (Recommended for 9th grade)  Can also be used for 7th or 8th

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 Discovering Christlike Habits is designed to change your students’ life patterns.

It provides not only a deeper understanding of Christian habits but also daily practice in such disciplines as prayer, worship, Bible study, etc. The lessons combine Bible studies with plenty of hands-on activities, writing stories, interviewing family members, planning and acting out Bible dramas, and taking a field trip, for example. 

The third book in our DISCOVERY series, Discovering Christlike Habits, is designed to change your student’s life patterns. Chapter titles include:

Growing Faith,

Our Ever-Present Helper,

The Secret Of The Will,

Celebrating God.

Your students will gain practical, godly habits while deepening their relationship with Christ. Using thought-provoking questions and assigned meditation and journaling – these lessons encourage your students to develop Christlike habits that will last a lifetime.

Discovering Christlike Habits helps a student build godly habits and deepen their relationship with Christ. The Teacher’s Guide helps you follow along with your student(s), and contains many different helps and suggestions throughout.

Teacher’s Guide and Student Workbook are similar in layout and function to those found in Book 1. Each lesson also introduces an unreached people group to broaden students’ understanding of the world beyond our borders. This profile with artwork, regional maps, and cultural specifics focuses on larger blocks of unreached people and gives each student an introduction to the spiritual needs of our world and a challenge to pray for them.

ISBN: 1-930547-52-8, or 978-1-930547-52-0

Jan L. Harris, Howard & Bonnie Lisech, Deeper Roots Publications

 DRP Price $30.95    

You will also need the Discovering Christlike Habits Student Workbook SOLD SEPARATELY.  The student workbook has space to answer questions adequately and includes the review questions. 

If you can’t find the When Things Seem Impossible DVD to save time and effort, you might want to consider adding it to your shopping cart before you complete your order. (It is a great story and is used as the basis for Lesson 1) It is the next item in our resource list or you can use the SEARCH box to find it on our site and add to your order. It is only $15.95 for the DVD and is a great value.) 

Look for all 3 pcs in the Discovering Christlike Habits BUNDLE!  

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