Go Prepared Team Member’s Workbook



 GO PREPARED! – Team Members Workbook-Guide

This companion workbook will help you get the most impact from your GO PREPARED DVD training. The format will help each team member think through important facets of the trip and have a place to record their thoughs during the training.

Helpful for use with either the GO Prepared VHS or DVD training material that focus on intensive pre-field training, in 6 sessions on

Laying the Foundation;

Spiritual Preparation;

Building Your Team;

Cross-cultural Training;

Ministry Without Dependency;

Re-Entry and Debriefing

Helps prepare your team members as you view each segment and get them ready to GO-PREPARED! Every team and team member would benefit from these excellent and quality training materials! Get one for each team member to maximize your training program

This item must be used with the DVD.  It does not stand alone.  A copy is included with the DVD.

DRP Price $5.95 each