Pre-Field Preparation (Book 1) 14 Day edition


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(14 Day) Book 1

Spiritual Focus Before You Go

By Howard & Bonnie Lisech

These brand new devotional Bible studies are specifically designed for the Pre-Field training of STM teams and individuals.

Each devotional is written to help a team member grow spiritually and evaluate their attitudes and actions BEFORE they leave on a Short-Term Mission trip.

Just as a pilot has to PRE-FLIGHT his plane before committing his life and the life of his passengers to the take-off, we need to make sure we deliberately prepare and “Pre-Flight” our hearts for service in another culture. Spiritual preparation is ESSENTIAL to get the most from the STM experience.

We recommend the 14 day (spiral bound) edition for the best level of preparation before leaving, but we also offer the 7-day (stapled) booklet for which contain 7 pre-field devotional Bible studies for $4.50.

by Howard & Bonnie Lisech.


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