An absolute must have professional training tool if you send out short-termers. Three+ hours of intensive pre-field training, in 6 sessions

The most comprehensive, practical, easy to understand and enjoyable short-term missions training video series. Three-video tape set or one-DVD package with six-session series. Designed to prepare you and your team for the best short-term missions experience. In this six-session series, well-known mission experts cover vital topics such as spiritual preparation, building your team, cross-cultural training, re-entry and debriefing. A Team Leader’s Guide is included with each set. Whether you are a seasoned short-term missionary or a first-timer, this video training series will help you get prepared.

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Session 6: RE-ENTRY

Session 1: LAYING THE FOUNDATION – (Length: 35:08)

Part 1: Laying the Foundation, Dr. Douglas McConnell, International Director, PIONEERS. This session will help team members gain a better understanding of the Biblical basis for missions. Beginning in the Old Testament and ending in the New Testament, team members will see God’s heart for the lost.

Part 2: Three Flags of Authority, Dr. Clarence Kinzer, Veteran Missionary, AFRICAN INLAND MISSION. A Veteran missionary of 25+ years, Dr. Kinzer discusses the importance of submitting to the established authority on the mission field.

Part 3: Health Issues, Dr. Henry Dumas, Medical Doctor and Short-Term Missionary Medical missionary and doctor. Dr. Dumas addresses some of the health concerns that team members often face while on the mission field, as well as practical ways to experience a safe and healthy trip.

Session 2: SPIRITUAL PREPARATION – (Length: 33:49)

Part 1: Spiritual Preparation, Dr. Bill Bright, Founder/President, CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST INTERNATIONAL. The founder and president of Campus Crusade for Christ shares the importance of preparing spiritually before going to the mission field. Dr. Bright gives instructions on ‘spiritual breathing’ and how to go as servants of Jesus Christ in a spirit of humility, with cultural sensitivity, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Part 2: Maximizing Your Spiritual Experience, Howard and Bonnie Lisech – Authors of missions-focused devotionals. Howard and Bonnie challenge us with ways to maximize our spiritual experience on the field and not miss out on a unique opportunity to get some good quiet time with God.

Part 3: Worship, Dave Hall – International worship leader and recording artist. Dave offers some perspectives on the role worship plays in missions, reminding us that we are, first and foremost, worshippers. Indeed, no one can do spiritual warfare who is not first a worshipper of God.

Session 3: CAPTURING THE TEAM SPIRIT – (Length: 25:57)

Dwight Bain, nationally certified counselor specializing in emotions and relationships, and radio talk show host for 12-plus years.

Part 1: Playing Your Part – Each member of the body of Christ is important. Learn the four personality types and how to appreciate the gifts of other team members.

Part 2: Go With The Flow See how the excitement of a missions trip may also overwhelm your senses with changes that produce stress. Not to worry, God is in control – we are not!

Part 3: Bull’s Eye – Conflict can destroy the unity of the team and the mission. Learn about the four levels of conflict and how to stay focused, then work through and resolve the conflicts.

Part 4: Keep It Together – Welcome the differences and unique personalities, abilities, and gifts each team member brings. See why “plugging in” to your part of the team will accomplish the most important “mission” of furthering the Kingdom of God.

Session 4: CROSS-CULTURE TRAINING – (Length: 36:13)

Music Video – Scott Wesley Brown addresses some common fears that people may have regarding serving in missions. His song, “Please Don’t Send Me to Africa,” role-played on video, humorously addresses this topic.

Dr. Duane Elmer – Author and Professor of Cross Culture Communications.

Part 1: Monkey Business – Learn how good intentions, courage, and compassion are insufficient without good information and an understanding of some things about the culture.

Part 2: Good Information Understanding – When someone says or does something we don’t understand we tend to assign them a negative attribute and put their actions into the category of wrong. You will see how to develop a category of “differences ” and instead of judging, ask “why? ”

Part 3: Square Heads & Round Heads – It is important to have the right perspective as we enter another culture because you won’t leave your own cultural baggage behind. You may feel like a square peg in a round hole, but you can adjust and fit in effectively as you gradually fit in with your host country colleagues.

Part 4: Culture Shock – Culture Adjustment Model – If a person’s approach is suspicion, fear and prejudice, then the responses will be criticizing, rationalization and withdrawal, leading to alienation and isolation. However, an approach of openness, acceptance and trust, will bring a response of observation, listening and inquiry, leading to the results of rapport and understanding.

Part 5: A Choice to Make – What will build trust with the people? We can’t do what comes naturally; we have to intentionally emulate openness, trust, and acceptance to the target culture. Love transcends cultural differences.

Session 5: MINISTRY WITHOUT DEPENDENCY – (Length: 36:00)

Part 1: Five Heros of the Faith, Steve Saint – founder of Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center (I-TEK). In an interview, Steve shares his perspective on the importance and challenge of avoiding dependency with the nationals even on short-term missions. Sometimes a good experience for the team can be a bad experience for the national people.

Part 2: Dependency, Dr. Muriel Elmer – International health and education consultant. Dr. Elmer addresses the importance of broad community participation on the missions field by allowing those who will be affected to have a voice in the process.

Part 3: Some don’ts for STM teams, Steve Saint – founder of Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center (I-TEK). Back to the interview with Steve, we hear some important concluding thoughts on the attitudes short-term missionaries need to watch out for.

Session 6: RE-ENTRY – (Length: 33:55)

Lisa Espineli Chinn – Author, missionary and cross-culture trainer.

Part 1: Going back home – Share Lisa’s insights on re-entry and how best to prepare for this stage of the short-term missions trip. Be prepared to find that you have changed and life may be different for you back home. Re-entry has great potential for changing lives, so maximize your short-term missions experience for the kingdom of God.

Part 2: Questions about re-entry – What reactions can we expect from re-entry? How can short-termers connect back with family and friends? What is the best way to debrief?

Part 3: Living with a purpose, Tim Kuck – President of Teams Commissioned for Christ International. Tim concludes the series with a challenge to live life with a purpose. “The world is waiting.”

Includes handy leaders guide to help you prepare your team members as you view each segment and get ready to GO-PREPARED! Every team would benefit from these excellent and quality training materials!

Includes handy leaders guide to help you prepare your team members as you view each segment and get ready to GO-PREPARED! Every team would benefit from these excellent and quality training materials!

Use these excellent resources year-after-year to improve your pre-field training of short term missionaries from your church or college group.

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