Abide In The Vine (21 Day Edition) Book 2


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ABIDE IN THE VINE (21 Day Edition)

by Howard & Bonnie Lisech. 

This book is designed specifically for teams that spend about 2-3 weeks overseas. Some have purchased these and use the first few devotions for prefield preparation and the remainder for onfield Spiritual encouragement.

These ABIDE IN THE VINE spiritual journals and devotional Bible studies earned an endorsement Don Richardson!

They were designed for short-term missionaries and will add an important dimension to any STM trip experience.

Topics are sequenced for the culture shock curve and were designed with short-term missionaries in mind, but many other believers are using them for personal refreshment and time with God. We have received hundreds of comments on how helpful they were to individual team members.

WALK AS HE WALKED, RIPE FOR HARVEST and LIVE IN THE LIGHT are other options (for your next STM trip) that can be used if you or your team has already completed ABIDE IN THE VINE and they too, include topics and Bible studies that are sequenced for the culture shock curve All our devotional Bible study workbooks are designed to help those preparing for, serving in, and returning successfully from cultures that are different from the home culture of the team member.

The Lord is using these short devotional studies to refresh and change lives. Long-term missionaries and other believers enjoy them too!

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