An Introduction to Emergency Preparedness for Christians 

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By Tom McLennan Jr.

“My desire is that Christians will see the relevance of preparedness as an extension of their calling to be faithful Ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Part 1 Basic Philosophy and Personal Assessment

Part 2 Our Vulnerability: Reasons for Preparedness

Part 3 Implications of a Widespread Infrastructure Collapse

Part 4 Biblical Foundations, Truths and Principles
Clarifying and honing your convictions for a time of crisis

Part 5 Contingency Planning for a Crisis Considerations for what and how to prepare

Part 6 Prepare, Plan and Practice Personal and family preparedness activities

Part 7 Final Thoughts for Preparedness  This concludes with a rationale for why we need to be thinking and practicing preparedness—so that we develop a natural awareness of the real world around us and a Biblical response to it.

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