Reentry Guide for Short-Term Missions Leaders


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Reentry Guide for Short-Term Missions Leaders

By Lisa Espineli Chinn

This essential Guide helps STM leaders and others understand Reentry issues and help team members return successfully.

Most people don’t expect they will need reentry help since they have only been gone a short time. This essential publication gives you access to solid research, ideas, and concepts that can help you better understand Reentry Stress issues. Then you can better assist your team members in having a successfully return as they deal with the inevitable issues of reentering their own culture. The information in this small but powerful book can also help those who are trying to understand reentry issues for long term returnees too.

Every team leader should read this excellent publication. This resource can really help you improve your short-term missions trip or program!

Lisa Espineli Chinn is an authority on Reentry Stress and she provides valuable insights and instructions on how to prepare for and successfully deal with Reentry Stress before and after your trip. Nine important chapters, plus four exercises in the appendix, make this small but powerful 76 page book an essential tool in your chest of resources to help each team member and your whole team have a SUCCESSFUL reentry.(Lisa also recommends COMING HOME and COMING HOME AGAIN by Howard & Bonnie Lisech as practical devotional Bible Studies to guide returnees to a successful return.)

Lisa Espineli Chinn,

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