The Joy of Fellowship with God  (Teacher’s Guide)

8.5″x11″ Paperback (2017)

This brand NEW Teacher’s Guide is a study of the wonderful principles of FELLOWSHIP with God. The truths revealed in the book of 1 John are essential and valuable for each believer.  It helps clarify relationship (position/salvation) and fellowship (walking/practically) with God.

Correctly understanding these truths will revolutionize a believers life as he or she learns how to deal with the sin that constantly drags a believer down and discourages.  Confession is the key to restoring our right relationship with HIM on a moment-by-moment basis!

This teacher’s guide has wonderful helps and insights to help you lead you own Bible study with confidence.

(This is also available as a 62 page pdf eBook item # pdf130JoyFellowship Student Workbook  and the corresponding item # pdf129JoyFellowship Teachers Guide from our website.)

Perfect for leading your own Bible study with either the pdf eBook or paperback versions.

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DRP Paperback price: $7.95