Sawyer Point One™ Biological Water Filter with Bucket Adapter Kit 690SP181



Sawyer Point One™ Water Filter with Bucket Adapter Kit (690SP181):  (.1 Micron) kit
Lifetime Warranty on the Hollow Fiber Filter! In times of overseas travel, natural disaster, or terrorist attack, safe drinking water is essential!
  • (.1 Micron) kit made in USA
  • Complete water filtration system designed for emergency preparedness, groups in the backcountry, and mission trips
  • Highest level of filtration on market — removes greater than 99.99999% of all bacteria and 99.9999% of all protozoa
  • Bucket and faucet adapters provide high-volume clean, potable water from any fresh water source; easily field maintainable
  • Filter with built-in and removable push/pull cap; comes with one 32-ounce, BPA-free collapsible pouch for personal hydration
  • Backed by manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty
  • (Independent Testing Laboratory Hydreion, LLC.; Microbiological Report S05-03)

If you are using North American wild water, tap water,  or bottled water, then you may only need the Sawyer® Biological Water FILTER to further filter your tap or bottled water. This filter removes 99.99999% of Bacteria and 99.9999% of Protozoa and Cysts BUT NOT WATERBORNE VIRUSES which are not common in USA but may be overseas.

Product Description and specs

The Sawyer® Biological Water Filters feature a 0.1 Micron Absolute Hollow Fiber Membrane which uses medical technology developed from kidney dialysis. When the water is drawn through the filter it flows through the side walls of the Hollow Fiber tubes. Sediment, bacteria, protozoa, cysts, and other contaminants are filtered out exceeding all applicable EPA recommendations.

Simply follow the enclosed directions for use and affix to any bucket or pail to yield bacteria-free water in remote locations. This NEW biological filter, 0.1 micron; needs no chemicals and is rated for ONE MILLION GALLONS.  Low cost and high volume. Will put and end to Typhoid and Cholera for an incredibly low cost.

Back washing is not required often unless you are filtering very turbid water. Back washing only takes a few seconds and the simple bulb is included. NO REPLACEMENT FILTERS OR CARTRIDGES ARE NECESSARY. We believe you will thoroughly enjoy the ease and extra protection this proven next generation technology offers you.

SAWYER® Biological WATER FILTER – Removal rates: (7 Log Bacteria 99.99999%, 6 Log Protozoa & Cysts 99.9999%)

Filter Assembly Kit Includes:

1 – Hole Cutter

1 – 0.10 Micron Absolute Water Filter, adapter, and hose

1 – Filter Cleaner

1 – Filter Hanger

Detailed Instruction Sheet

(Note: Plastic bucket is NOT included.)


690SP181    DRP Price: $59.95

OPTION #2  (More protection)

If you want an additional level of protection, see 691SP191 SAWYER® WATER PURIFIER which also includes waterborne VIRUS protection.

Observations by Howard Lisech:

“At Last! A water filter that is safe, fast (imagine 5 gallons in under 14 minutes), lightweight, highly effective-yet inexpensive. However, it can provide the safe BACTERIA FREE drinking water needed for overseas teams that is ESSENTIAL for a successful trip.

After leading several work teams overseas in various countries, this is the very best, light weight, low-cost, highly effective water filter with documented protection that I have ever seen! Just use this kit with a plastic bucket that you can procure in most any country.

When your STM trip is over you can leave this “system” as a gift that can provide clean water to an entire village, church, or small community. LEAVE A GIFT THAT CAN SAVE LIVES!”


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