So, Are the Skies Really Gonna Part?



So, Are the Skies Really Gonna Part?
by Dale Goodrich
FROM: World Magazine
How do we get to Heaven?
On September 11th, that question unexpectedly ceased to exist for over 3,000 people. This short book sheds light on the answer!
Join Dale Goodrich as he describes his 9/11 Pentagon experience, and then offers a compelling salvation 101 message! Great for individual or church outreach.What does it take to get to Heaven? On September 11, over 3,000 people suddenly and unexpectedly lost the chance to engage in any further debate about that question.
People believe different things, but-truth is true, whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, and whether you believe it or not. This short, easy to read book cuts right to the heart of the matter. It will introduce you to the right answer. His name is Jesus! Like a true friend who deeply cares about your eternity, Dale Goodrich shares a window into his military command experiences and then shows how everyone needs a reality check with the commanding officer of the universe, Jesus Christ. Short, easy read and a great gift for a friend that is searching.
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