Exciting New Music Book


30 Songs for Beginning Piano

by Colleen Clegg

BIBLE DISCOVERY AT THE PIANO contains contains 30 songs for beginning piano and introduces Bible truth chronologically from God’s Creation through the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ.

This book contains 28 original sheet music songs and 2 arrangements. All songs have associated simple Bible lessons. Songs are written at primer level with increasing challenge.

Parents or teachers have the opportunity to discuss and apply Scripture as students learn the songs. Line art drawings help the student visualize the truths related in each song and lesson. The book is designed to complement most standard piano methods.

Spiral bound, 64 pages #124BiblePiano1. ….$12.95

BIBLE DISCOVERY AT THE PIANO is a companion to DISCOVERING HYMNS AT THE PIANO (primer level), also by Colleen Clegg.

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Bible Discovery at the Piano & Discovering Hymns at the Piano BUNDLE

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