21 Day Abide In The Vine – 14 Day Coming Home (2 part COMBO book)



21 Day Abide In The Vine 14 Day Coming Home

(2 part COMBO book)

(SPECIAL ORDER-Allow 7+ extra days)

by Howard & Bonnie Lisech,  

This single book 2 part Combo book will give you 21 ABIDE IN THE VINE devotionals (sequenced for the culture-shock curve) for your time overseas and 14 more Coming Home RENTRY devotions (sequenced for the reentry stress curve) for the first 14 days of your return.  DOES NOT CONTAIN SPECIFICALLY PRE-FIELD DEVOTIONALS

Enhance the spiritual impact of both the overseas portion and the re-entry portion of your short term experience with a single inexpensive resource. These compact books take the previously described materials for overseas trips and bind them together with the COMING HOME re-entry materials to make COMBINATION books.

They provide devotional Bible studies to help with both culture-shock (while on your ministry assignment) and also help people deal with reentry stress as they return home and face the inevitable adjustments. Some prefer the individual books, but the combo books are handy and keep everything together. They were designed for short-term missionaries and will add an important dimension to any STM trip experience.

Many other believers are using them for personal refreshment and time with God. Walk as He Walked, Abide in the Vine, and Ripe for Harvest are devotional Bible study workbooks designed to help those preparing for and serving in foreign cultures. The Lord is using these short devotional studies to refresh and change lives. 

Having the reentry devotionals right with you as you return make is easy to continue to process the ENTIRE experience.

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